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One of my greatest superpowers is the ability to see other people’s blind spots or blocks that are holding them back.

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Ludek Finds True Happiness and Abundance

I initially worked with Lukek's older brother, Jan. Ludek saw Jan make some the major shifts and positive changes rather quickly in his life and wanted to learn what his brother had learned. He reached out and quickly signed on to working...

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Grace Y – cheerleader overcome fear and anxiety

Grace’s mother, Jessica approached me because Grace was having trouble doing her back handsprings without her coach being right next to her and spotting her. She also had just recently recovered from a compound break in her wrist.  It...

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Alex S – relationship, career and parenting help

When I met Alex he was working with both a psychologist and a physical therapist and he had quit a long career at Microsoft because of chronic pain issues. He assumed his pain issues would go away after he left, but they did not. He...

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Deana L – relationship and career coaching

When Deana first came to see me, she was working as a Community Outreach police officer and had grown increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied with her job.  She took excellent care of her own health and her body and saw a lot of...

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