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One of my greatest superpowers is the ability to see other people’s blind spots or blocks that are holding them back.

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Revive & Repair Your Relationship Program

“She gave me profound simple tools that were highly effective.”
Lance K, Husband and Father

Feeling a lack of intimacy and connection in your relationship?

Not sure if you should stay or you should go?

Most traditional couple’s counseling focuses on how to improve your communication, but most couples find they spend the whole session recreating arguments.

You end up leaving your session just as frustrated and angry as when you went in.

“My husband and I are kind to each now and enjoy each other’s company.”

Tamara L, wife and mother
The Repair & Revive Your Relationship Program is a 3-month intensive designed to move you, with or without your partner, from uncertainty and doubt about your relationship to confidence, clarity and the ability to create a renewed connection.

The Process

In Repair & Revive process, we don’t waste time reviewing arguments.

We get right to the heart of why you lost your connection and together, work through the real issues that led to the breakdown – not the surface symptoms.

You’ll then learn how to:

1. Determine how your unique emotional response in conflicts leads to disconnection and the remedy to correct it.

2. Stop the dead-end “Find the bad guy” cycle of blame, so that your conflicts become healthy and productive for growth..

3. Change the Demand-Withdraw or Criticize-Defend pattern in arguments so you never have to go to bed angry.

4. Let go and heal from all past resentments, traumas and injuries, so you can start fresh with your partner again and rebuild trust.

5. Draw your partner back in with your overall sense of calm and confidence.

6. Bond and reconnect through sex and touch.

How You Get From Here To There

We will work through your specific issues to get you:

• From feeling angry, hurt and distrustful back to a strong, solid, trusting relationship grounded in deep love and respect.

• From feeling a lack of intimacy and connection to rekindled passion and fun.

• From from constant arguing or barely speaking to feeling listened to and heard and resolving issues quickly and cooperatively.

• From feeling unsure if you should stay or you should go to making an empowered and respectful decision.

• From being in a relationship you can barely tolerate to a building a renewed life together that you love.

The Program Includes:

A Personal Exploration Survey – an invaluable tool that starts the process and gets you deeply thinking about your current situation. Your answers give me a clear picture of the problem areas, what is going on with you and gives us a foundation to launch from.

12 (90 minute) Coaching Sessions – in person or over the phone/skype, where we get right to work on your core issues. You’ll learn strategies to quickly shift the dynamics of your relationship and tools you can use after our work together is done.

12 Session Recordings – get an audio recording of each of your sessions. By relistening and reviewing, you may pick up something new and hear yourself shift and change.

Weekly Action Plan aka Homework – to help solidify what we discussed and to help you start incorporating the tools into your life.

Handouts/Worksheets – of the tools you will be learning in your session and for your future reference.

Numerous Resources – worksheets, articles, books and other resources that will enhance our work together.

Full Access Via Email or Text – because sometimes you just need a little redirection or perspective.

Full transparency, Authenticity and Openness – gain from my personal life and experiences, because I’ve been where you are. I know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Wendy won Top 10 Relationship Coach for 2023 from DatingAdvice

Is This Right For Me?

Great question. Before you invest in anything, we’ll get to know each other and explore whether we’re a good fit. That starts when you complete this short exploratory questionnaire.

When I receive it, I’ll send you a link to schedule your 60 minute Complimentary Clarity Session.  During that hour I’ll help you get clear on where you are at, where you want to be and your best next steps.

After your Clarity Session, we will know if we are a good fit and if you’re excited to move forward.

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