Neurofeedback Therapy Services
in Redmond WA

Unlock Your Brain’s Performance with Customized Neurofeedback

Anxiety & Depression Relief

Is anxiety or depression holding you back? Discover how neurofeedback can target the underlying physiology behind these symptoms, offering a path towards relief and renewed well-being. Click to Learn More!

Chronic Pain

Pain is the brain’s danger alert system – much like a fire alarm going off when it senses smoke. You can train your brain to reduce chronic pain. Click to Learn More!

ADHD Solutions For Focus And Attention

Struggling with ADD or ADHD symptoms? Explore the proven benefits of neurofeedback, a non-pharmaceutical approach backed by research, to improve focus, attention, and overall cognitive performance. Click to Learn More!

Emotional Regulation Mastery

Do anger, impulsivity, or mood swings feel out of control? Delve into how brainwave dysfunction might be contributing and how neurofeedback can empower you to better regulate your emotions. Click to Learn More!

Sleep Optimization Solutions

Tired of restless nights? Discover how an EEG brain map can pinpoint the root causes of insomnia and other sleep disturbances, guiding targeted interventions to help you achieve restorative sleep. Click to Learn More!

Migraine Management

Are chronic headaches or migraines disrupting your life? Explore how underlying electrical dysfunction in the brain might be the culprit and how neurofeedback offers a personalized approach to migraine management. Click to Learn More!

Memory Loss & Dementia Risk 

Concerned about memory lapses, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? While some forms may not be reversible, there are proactive steps you can take to lower your risk. Discover how to safeguard your cognitive health for the long term.  EEG brain mapping can distinguish between normal ageing and abnormal brain wave slowing and get insights and strategies to enhance your memory. Click to Learn More!

Concussion Recovery

Still experiencing symptoms long after a concussion? Uncover why ongoing issues persist and how neurofeedback can support your brain in healing correctly, not just compensating. Click to Learn More!