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Optimizing Your Brain for Quality Sleep: Understanding the Link Between Brain Health and Restful Nights

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Experiencing difficulties falling asleep within 30 minutes or more, restless sleep patterns, and waking up feeling depleted can indicate potential brain dysfunction.


Consistently requiring more than 8 hours of sleep may suggest an underlying issue with your sleep cycle.


Infrequent dreaming, sleep talking, or recurring nightmares are commonly linked to abnormal sleep brainwave activity.

Restoring Healthy, Restful Sleep through Neurofeedback Training

Persistent sleep disturbances often stem from irregularities in slow brainwave patterns. 

Normally, as you close your eyes at night, alpha brainwaves increase, creating a calming effect and starts the process of quieting the mind. This transition leads to theta brainwaves, which then facilitates the shift in and out of consciousness until you drift into sleep.

However, disruptions in alpha rhythms, whether due to anxiety, stress, trauma responses, or chronic pain, can hinder your ability to fall or stay asleep, making rest difficult or elusive.

Fortunately, neurofeedback training often yields significant improvements in sleep quality. 

As your EEG activity stabilizes, you will typically experience quicker sleep onset, uninterrupted rest throughout the night, and enhanced feelings of rejuvenation upon waking. Many people have reported a sense of deeper sleep.

Neurofeedback training has also shown efficacy in reducing chronic nightmares, sleep talking, and excessive movement during sleep.

The Brain Performance Center utilizes EEG brain mapping to objectively assess your unique brainwave functioning. By pinpointing the electrical dysfunctions, we can help soothe and solve any of your sleep cycle irregularities. Remarkably, over 85% of our clients report notable enhancements in their sleep quality, whether that is their initial issue or not.

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