How To Stop Believing Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Believing Negative Thoughts

So now you’ve been using your dominant question – awesome!how to stop negative thoughts

But what should you do if those negative thoughts are still looping in your head?

Here is another powerful strategy for reducing stress and frustration.

It may sound simplistic, but if you start using it, nothing “out there” will ever bother you again…

Stop Believing Your Negative Thoughts!

Just because you think a thought does not make it true. 

For instance, I had a client today who was very unhappy and believed it was because of the work she was doing.

She works in sales, but she really wanted to get into management.

Her thoughts were…Stop fighting your negative thoughts

“My work is meaningless.”

“My customers are irritating.”

“The people I work with are incompetent.”

So she was feeling frustrated and angry and did not go all out in her job, which lead to a bad review.

What I helped her realize was yes, her job was currently in sales, but how she thought about her job was completely optional.

How to Change your negative thoughts nowFor instance, she could have instead thought…

“I love the fact that I get to be out in the field and not sit at a desk all day.”

“I have unlimited potential to make as much money as I want.”

“My days are never the same.”

“What I do directly contributes to making my company successful and profitable.”

I could go on and on…

When she chose to believe those thoughts about her work, she felt motivated and purposeful.

If she feels motivated and happy, I bet she gets a completely different review next time and possibly considered for management.

Change Your Useless Thoughts

So start changing your useless to useful thoughts by asking yourself what is another meaning I can give my job, my relationship, etc?

Need help choosing better thoughts and getting a new perspective?

In our work together, you’ll learn many more methods so you start to do this automatically.

Contact me today to set up a complimentary clarity session to get that started.

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