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When I met Alex he was working with both a psychologist and a physical therapist and he had quit a long career at Microsoft because of chronic pain issues.

He assumed his pain issues would go away after he left, but they did not.

He started to finally feel less pain and more in control when I helped him shift his mindset and challenged him to try non-traditional medical approaches for his pain.

He started to see results and it set him on a new career path as an Egoscue Practitioner.

He had never aspired to be an entrepreneur and always assumed he would go back to a career utilizing his expertise in technology.

So he hesitated at first wondering if he had the drive and motivation to start something entirely new and run his own business.

But he felt passionate to help people experiencing similar pain issues and really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives so he took a leap of faith in himself.

It is a big change to leave the comfort of what you know to start something on your own.

I supported him in creating a business from the ground up and using his brains and business intelligence he passed the training quickly and had himself up and running shortly thereafter.

Alex was also experiencing issues in his marriage and personal relationships.  He felt alienated and isolated.  I started working with both Alex and his wife individually to improve their connection and communication and get on the same page in parenting their young children.

It is understandable and normal when two people come from very different families and parenting styles, to approach parenting very differently.  I helped them see how they can understand and support each other so they can work as a team rather than undermining and criticizing each other.


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