Bri Deals with Unhealthy Coping Strategies to Turn Around Her Business and Relationship

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“I feel like I can take on anything.”

Bri came to work with me in the middle of a terrible storm in her life…her mother, who was her rock and who she was extremely close to had just passed away, her sister and dad were having addiction problems and her 10 year relationship with her romantic and business partner was coming to a screeching halt.  

She was looking for help and clarity as to what really mattered having done a lot of personal development work and reading on her own.

I worked with Bri on uncovering and shifting unhealthy coping strategies developed in childhood issues like striving for perfection and always being too hard on herself.

Some of the biggest things she learned was to start deeply loving herself and to stop white-knuckling everything so she could get back to enjoying her life like she did when she was younger.  

She was relentless in her efforts to shift her old habits and behaviors.  She kept going back to her notes from our sessions and to get her back on track and into the right mindset.

She eventually realized the hard work was worth it even thought there were tears and frustrations along the way.

Bri started to become the person she wants always wanted to be and became a stronger negotiator for herself.

She grew both in her personal relationships as well as in her business life.

One of the wonderful results was her re-igniting her romantic relationship with her partner, eventually getting married and currently planning on starting a family.  

She has a strong solid supportive group of friends and colleagues. 

Her career is back on track, even though there were times as an entrepreneur she had doubt and fear and wanted to escape to a more secure corporate job.

She now feels she is ready for anything that life will throw at her. 

If you would like help dealing with your unhealthy coping strategies, click here to set up a free clarity session.


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