Ludek Finds True Happiness and Abundance

I initially worked with Lukek’s older brother, Jan. Ludek saw Jan make some the major shifts and positive changes rather quickly in his life and wanted to learn what his brother had learned.

He reached out and quickly signed on to working with me for the next 3 months to up his game in both his business and personal relationship.

Ludek had a recently left a successful corporate career at Amazon to start a new entrepreneurial venture in real estate with his business partner.

Ludek was really good at marketing, but hesitated in doing the phone sales necessary to build the business. Most people have fears around making sales calls, but I spent years as an executive recruiter so I had many techniques I could share.

First and most importantly, we worked on dissolving the fear of rejection and failure that comes with cold calling.

Then the next step was to create a script that fit his personality. The next day he said he banged out close to 50 calls without any hesitation. It felt light and easy.

He was able to then customize a script for his other employees.

I also gave Ludek some strategies to deal with difficult business negotiations, so he was no longer triggered by other people’s aggressive and negative responses. Shortly after our session, by shifting his mindset and approach Ludek was able to change the entire tone of a negotiation of a tough deal and the person actually apologized afterwards.

Ludek already had a good relationship with his girlfriend, Nicole, of 5 years. He wanted to learn to be more supportive, since she was going through a difficult time in her career.

When I explained how women’s minds work and their need for safety it help change the dynamics of the way he supported her. He was also able to see how his misunderstanding of how she operated had led to past conflicts and hurt feelings.

Now their relationship is stronger than ever and he is supporting her to find her new path in life.

Through our coaching time together, Ludek has learned how to connect more deeply with his girlfriend, increased his business 10X and learned the true meaning of happiness.


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