Deana L – relationship and career coaching

When Deana first came to see me, she was working as a Community Outreach police officer and had grown increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied with her job. 

She took excellent care of her own health and her body and saw a lot of self-neglect and unhealthy behavior among her fellow first responders.

She really wanted to help change the culture and share what she was passionate about.

When I first met Deana, she was trying to do both, but her heart was no longer in her role as a police officer.

She was scared though to leave her very stable and secure career. 

In her past relationships, she had a pattern of falling in love and then quickly out of love. She would then abruptly leave the relationship, thinking the problem was with the other person.

This is a very common defense mechanism for people in relationships.  They find faults in their partner to avoid getting hurt or rejected.  So, they often hurt or reject the other person first.

Deana was determined to stop that pattern of running away when things got too intimate, because she was in a relationship with someone she deeply loved and she really wanted it to work out.

We uncovered some of her deep fears and wounds from childhood that were unconsciously creating these patterns and holding her back. 

Once we were able to shift her beliefs around lovability and worthiness, everything dramatically changed in Deana’s life.

She fully committed to her partner, sold her house, quit her job, and moved to another state all within a few months.

All things she had been scared to death to do.

She is now living in Oregon, pursing her dream to be a health coach and is very happy and solid in her relationship.

She said, “I am freaking out and excited at the same time!”


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