Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential: The Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy in Seattle

Neurofeedback Training at home

How I Found Neurofeedback

I stumbled onto Neurofeedback therapy and Brain Mapping when I was frantically searching for a “fix” for my ex-boyfriend who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a routine dental procedure.  He was in a coma for 6 days and had to stay in the hospital for over 6 weeks.

When he was released, he was barely able to walk or remember how to find his way back from the bathroom.  A friend told me about one of the top Neuroscientists in the country, Bryan Hixson of the Brain Performance Center.  So we flew there immediately.

Brain Performance Center Director Bryan Hixson
Bryan Hixson Director of the Brain Performance Center

Since I was driving my ex there daily for his sessions, I decided to get my own brain mapped and try the neurofeedback.  I got hooked.  I was able to see the deficiencies in my brain from the brain map and saw the stopping and starting of my brain during the brain training sessions.  It was fun and exciting to see both our progress.

At the time the only way to get the mapping and the customized neurofeedback training was at their offices in LA.

What I Learned From My Brain Map

Fast forward 5 years and when I was back in LA, one of my clients mentioned she was getting her entire family brain mapped at the Brain Performance Center.  

I remembered how impressed I was with them and so I booked an appointment to get my brain mapped again.

The brain map objectively looks at the health of your brain.  This way you can stop guessing based on symptoms and really look at the physiology that is creating the symptoms.
The brain map can also give you a baseline so you can see the actual improvements in your brain.
I was shocked and alarmed to see the changes in just 5 years.  I had quite a bit of red in the delta and theta zone, which indicated a lot of inflammation.

The Negative Impact From Lack of Deep Sleep

Bryan explained when you are not getting into the Delta zone during sleep, you are not able to repair your brain and body at night.  I had a lot of exposure to mold and construction materials during our remodel and it showed my body was not functioning optimally to detox.

He explained some of the effects of missing Deep Sleep:

  • Impaired Physical Health: Poor Immune Function: Deep sleep is essential for immune system maintenance and recovery. Lack of deep sleep can make you more susceptible to infections and illnesses.
  • Reduced Physical Recovery: Muscle repair and growth, as well as tissue regeneration, occur during deep sleep. Without sufficient deep sleep, physical recovery from exercise or injuries can be compromised.
  • Increased Risk of Chronic Conditions: Chronic sleep deprivation, including insufficient deep sleep, is linked to an increased risk of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
  • Cognitive Impairments: Memory Problems: Deep sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation. Without adequate deep sleep, you may experience difficulties with learning and memory retention.
  • Decreased Cognitive Performance: Lack of deep sleep can impair cognitive functions such as attention, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  •  Emotional and Mental Health Issues: Increased Stress and Anxiety: Insufficient deep sleep can exacerbate stress and anxiety levels, making it harder to manage daily stressors.
  • Mood Disorders: Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with mood disorders such as depression and increased irritability.
  • Overall Sleep Quality: Fragmented Sleep: Missing out on deep sleep can lead to a cycle of poor sleep quality, where lighter sleep stages dominate, resulting in frequent awakenings and less restorative sleep.
  • Daytime Sleepiness: Without adequate deep sleep, you are more likely to feel tired and fatigued during the day, which can affect your performance and safety.

I was experiencing all those symptoms to varying degrees.  UGGGGHHH.

Thankfully my Alpha and Beta waves were functioning in the normal range, which enabled me to operate well during the day, but I was struggling at night. 

How Customized Neurofeedback Training Helped Me

Luckily The Brain Performance Center now offered their customized neurofeedback sessions remotely, so I signed up immediately for a package of sessions.

I was given a headset to use at home and followed the customized plan Bryan created for me.  

All I had to do was either play a video game or watch a YouTube video for five short sessions totaling 30 minutes on my iPad or phone.  

Every time my brain got out of Delta, the screen would go dark and the sound would go off indicating I was out of the zone.  

Wanting to continue playing or watching the video, my brain learned how to go back into the zone over and over again.  I watched documentaries, comedy skits and America’s Got Talent, while my brain was getting a workout. 

It was so interesting to watch my brain’s progress and the results were better than expected.  See my brain map below.  My sleep immediately improved after the first session and in a relatively short period of time the inflammation was gone.

I was hooked and so excited by my results I approached Bryan to see how I could offer this to my clients.

The Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy in Seattle

How Neurofeedback Would Work For You

I got trained by Bryan’s team to do brain mapping and now offer it once a month in my office in Redmond. 

Here is a video explaining the brain mapping:

I send the results to Bryan and he has a one-on-one zoom session with you to go over your results and you can visually see if you have any abnormal or suboptimal brain activity.

He will recommend a customized neurofeedback training plan for you that you can do at home at anytime.

The Brain Performance Center has awesome support staff to help you with any questions or difficulties you may have.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Neurofeedback Can Help With?

  • Sleep Issues
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Anger/Aggression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Attention Issues
  • Post Concussion
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Memory/Brain Fog
  • Preventing Dementia
  • Persistant Fatigue/Exhaustion

Wanting To Optimize Your Brain?

Neurofeedback is also a versatile and effective tool for optimizing brain performance across various domains like:

  • Memory enhancement and better attention and focus 
  • Cognitive functions related to learning, such as information processing speed, problem-solving abilities, and academic performance. Students can benefit from increased mental clarity and better retention of information. 
  • Enhancing Sports Performance. Athletes can achieve better concentration, faster reaction times, and improved coordination. 
  • Artists, writers, musicians, and professionals in creative fields by training the brain to enter states associated with creativity.

Let’s Talk

Whether you want to use it for therapeutic purposes or to enhance overall mental wellness and performance, neurofeedback leverages the brain’s natural ability to adapt and change, offering a powerful approach to improving brain health and function.

Click here to set up a time to chat with me to learn more.


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