Why Hire A Life Coach: These Are The Questions People Always Ask

Here Are 6 Signs It’s Time To Make Changes And Hire A Life Coach…

1. When Your Current Situation No Longer Supports Your Growth.

Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.

Some situations, places, hobbies and people have expiration dates. As you grow and change, so do your needs.

Staying in situations that no longer serve you will only keep you trapped and running in place.

Give yourself permission to break free of what’s holding you back.

2. When You Daydream About The past To Escape The Present.

Try asking yourself why you’re so afraid of being in the present and taking the steps to create a more positive direction for yourself.

3. When You Feel Numb To Life.

You may have lost passion and motivation. Are you just going through the motions every day?

Try shaking up your routine.

Doing more of what you love each day.  Make it a priority and watch your enthusiasm come back.

4. When You Resist Opportunities Because Of Fear Of Uncertainty Or What Others Might Think.

First just forget what others think – the most important thing is what You think.

Instead of holding onto what isn’t working, try exploring new ideas to make room for what will work.

5. When You Lie To Yourself To Avoid The Truth.

Lying creates inner turmoil, shame and guilt.

Instead of letting these feelings fester, ask yourself what you’re running from that you’re are afraid to admit.

Why aren’t you doing what you committed to?  Are you people-pleasing by over-promising or not sticking to your commitments?

When your actions no longer align with your words, it’s time to rethink things.

Actions always speak louder than words.

6. When You Are Settling.

Trust the nudges coming to you. These inner pushes are what can propel you toward a happier and healthy life.

Consider saying to yourself, “I am worthy of my desires and believe in my ability to go get it.”

Seattle life coachIn my complimentary clarity coaching sessions I do from my office in downtown Bellevue, just outside of Seattle, these questions always come up.

Since not everyone has had experience with a life coach, I have assembled the 6 questions that come up most often.

“I feel unmotivated and am not sure coaching will work for me.”

Anytime I hear someone say they “can’t” do something, I always think of a sales technique to overcome the objection of “I can’t afford it.”

The technique in sales is to respond to the “I can’t afford it” objection by saying, “If someone kidnapped your child and demanded the money in ransom, could you find a way to get the money within an hour?”

Everyone always says, “yes”. It’s meant to make the person be honest with themselves and realize that they “can”, they just are choosing not to for some reason.

Works in all areas….

I can’t quit smoking.

I can’t workout today.

I can’t stop eating junk food.

I can’t [insert anything else].

If someone kidnapped your child and said, “OK, you don’t eat any sugar or bread today, and your child will be returned to you unharmed” or,

“Skip the gym today, and you’ll never see you kid again?”

or, “Light up a cigarette, and your kid is gone.”how to change a habit

You’d have no problem not doing those things.

Drop the word “can’t” and be honest.

“I’m choosing to eat junk food because…”

“I’m choosing to be lazy because…”

“I’m choosing to poison my body with smoke because…”

It’s a little extreme, but it makes you be honest with yourself, and you’ll realize how easy it is to control everything.

“I hate my job. How can I escape it and be courageous enough to pursue the thing I have passion for?”

best life coach in SeattleIf you are feeling “stuck” between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be, the best thing to do is to step back and understand you might be still in a learning phase.

You need to set up yourself for long term success.

If your job is at least paying the bills until you find your passion, appreciate your job for that.

It is funding your passion.

Additionally, understand that there’s timing to all things.

It might seem you should be in a new position and lifestyle today, but there may be bigger plans other than your own.

Have faith in the process and recognize that each day you can work towards doing more of the things you love.

Continue to follow your heart and intuition, while accepting you are exactly where you should be.

“I thought I did everything I was supposed to do…I got the degree, the job, the wife…so why do I feel empty and unsatisfied?

I really thought this is what I wanted?”

The important word in this question is “supposed”.

When you do things that other people think you ought to do or maybe “supposed” to do, you will ultimately feel empty inside.

You are looking for happiness outside of yourself.   

If you’re in the high pressure corporate world attempting to satisfy someone else’s demands, it probably leaves you feeling fatigued and disheartened.

What’s important to understand is what ever you’ve done in life so far, has primed you to be who you are actually meant to be.

Rather than complaining about the past or feeling that it held you back from where you “ should be,” know that the empty feeling disappears once you look inside for your happiness rather than trying to find happiness outside yourself.

“I’m divorced and without a romantic partner.  When I see engagement ads, wedding photos, and additional professions of love, I feel very sad and lonely. What should I do?”

When you see other people happy and you feel upset, it’s because you think you “can’t get that too.”

You are coming from a place of not feeling worthy and it is never true.

We are all worthy!

One technique to draw love into your life is to say to yourself whenever you notice other people success and happiness is, “That’s coming to me. The universe is showing me what is possible!”

So in the future rather than resenting other fortune of love, appreciate their happiness and allow it to become part of your future too!

“Whenever I start something new I’m always excited, but eventually I give up. Is there a way that I can force myself to follow through?”

If you have to force yourself to do something and it feels like doing a chore, then it hardly ever works out in the long run.

Instead try figuring out your “why.”

Why did you start it in the first place?  

What were you passionate about?

My Seattle clients learn to slow downYou may give up too fast or not follow through, because you don’t focus on why you started in the first place.

Then the doubt and fear creep in.

If the project is too big and overwhelming, start to break it into smaller turtle steps.

Commit to doing at least one of those steps daily and in no time you will reach that goal.

“Is there a way to get lost passion back?”

The best way is to step back and take the time to rediscover what lights you up and to follow the nudges life brings you. Your intuition will always guide you, the work is learning how to open up and receive the guidance.

You do this by being really present with yourself and being OK with not knowing just yet.  

Trusting it will all fall into place when the time is right.

Enjoying the process of uncovering more about yourself.

Exploring what is holding you back from your vision of your ideal life.

Ready to get moving on solving these questions for yourself?

Then go ahead and click on the graphic below to set up a complimentary clarity session.



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