Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

The Truth Is Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

mindsetWhat you have to figure out is….Who Are YOUR People?

There will always be people who don’t like you, but those aren’t your people.

The people that do like you are YOUR people.

They are the people who love being with you and who you love being with too.

The best part is all you have to do is just be yourself and YOUR people will appreciate and love you.

You can just relax and be yourself!

People Won’t Like You

Give people permission not to like you.

This can be a game changer!

You do this by accepting that you can never be the one that decides whether someone likes you or not.

It is not up to you.

It is up to them and their preferences.

Just knowing that can set you free.

People Will Judge You

The second thing that will set you free is giving other people permission to judge you and not to like you.

The truth is you have preferences just like everybody else and that’s okay.other people's approval

If you don’t like strawberries, that’s okay.

It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with the stawberry or it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

Trying To Get Other People To Like You

Most of us, at some time in our life, have tried to get people who didn’t like us – to like us.

You feel determined to win them over…“You’ve got to like me.”

What it actually does is totally turn them away, because you end up acting needy.

worried about other people's opinionsI had a client whose boyfriend broke up with her. Even though she was thinking of breaking up with him, she switched to, “Oh hell no. You are not breaking up with me. I’m the one that does the breaking up.”

Until she came to see me, she was acting like a crazy person. She’d call him at all hours and stalk his place.

I helped her see that if somebody isn’t in to you, that’s okay. That is their opinion and she didn’t need to try and convince him otherwise.

She felt much more sane after she stopped wanting to change him and accepted they were just no longer a match.

It did not mean there was anything wrong with her.

Here Is The Brutal Truth

Other People's OpinionsSometimes the other person doesn’t like you, because you have to work on liking yourself.

So go ahead and…

Give people permission to judge you.

Give people permission to have their opinion of you.

Give people permission not to like you and notice how you still shine.

So what is holding you back from allowing people to like you or NOT? Share in the comments below…

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