How To Think About Hard Days

So How Do You Want To Think About Your Hard Days?

This is Part II of the “Having A Bad Day?” series.  Click here to read Part I

How to Change Your lifeIf you’re one of those people who thinks, “I had a hard day, but I can do hard things.

I’m a rockstar and I rocked it out and that feels great” then stick with it.

Most of use “I had a hard day” as an excuse not to show up, as a reason not to be your best self, as a reason not to process your emotions or be connected.

If there’s no such thing as a bad day, the only thing that makes a day hard is your mind – what you choose to think about it.

Everything’s Relative

Everything’s relative in terms of your perspective of how you choose to think about your day.

no hard daysDid you have clean drinking water yesterday?

Were your children healthy yesterday?

Were you alive yesterday?

Could you walk? Could you see? Could you hear?

Did you have a car to drive?

Were you warm in your bed?

Was anyone shooting at you?”

What you choose to focus on will determine whether your day is hard or not. You get to decide how you want to define it.

Why Can’t You Do It Just Because It’s Hard?

The reason most people believe their days are hard is because they believe they are weak and they can’t handle it.

Of course what you are doing is hard!

Building a business or finding a job is hard.

Losing weight is hard.

Being in a relationship is hard.

Raising kids is hard.

So what?

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were stronger.

Believing something is too hard is…just a choice. It is just an attitude. It is just a belief.

How Was Your Day?

Amazing. Easy. Wonderful. Extraordinary.

Of all the things that you can choose to describe your day, you’re going to go with hard?

If you really think about it, what was hard about it?

Maybe your boss or spouse said something to you, maybe your kid lost the championship game, a friend said something to you…

What Are The Facts?

Hard DaysWhat are the thoughts you had about those things that made so difficult for you?

What you will realize is that what makes things difficult is the way we think about them.

What we believe about our own capability and what happens in our day, will define us ultimately.

If we define a day where there’s a lot of traffic and our boss was in a bad mood as a hard day, what are we saying about ourselves?

That we’re not strong enough, capable enough, that we want our life to be easy, that we don’t want to have to work hard, that we don’t want to have to overcome negative emotion.

We don’t want to have to deal with any of that. We just want to glide.

If It’s Not EASY Something Is Wrong

So many people believe, “Well if it isn’t flowing to me, if it isn’t easy, then it means I’m going in the wrong direction, going the wrong way.”

It’s absolutely not true. That’s just how you’re choosing to look at it.

thinking positivelyWhat if you could believe your life is going to be amazing – that it is going to challenge you and the more you’re challenged the stronger you’re going to get!?!

The more things you’re faced with, the more opportunities you will have to share your values and show what you’re made of and be who you are.

You can be an example, where you can show that no matter what’s going on in the world, “I will be the best version of myself.”

Hard Is A Good Thing

The more challenge that you create for yourself the better, because that means the more you are going to evolve into a person who can achieve at that level of success, that level of freedom.

You can tell yourself..Hard is a good thing. It’s a challenge.

Let me help you get into that mindset.  Click here and let’s get you going!


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