How To Get Out Of Feeling Stuck

Here Is How To Help Yourself Get Out Of Feeling Stuck

How to get unstuck

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and confused because things aren’t going the way you want – you are not alone!

To help you move out of your stress and looping thoughts, use this time to assess and evaluate the situation.

See It As An Opportunity

This way you can use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Especially if a situation keeps repeating itself, consider asking yourself these key questions to help you get more clarity and growth.

Questions To Ask Yourself

So any time I feel stuck, I ask myself these key questions:

1. What can I learn from this situation?

2. How do I want to think and feel about this circumstance?

3. What tools or strategies can I be utilizing?

4. What am I committed to changing on my end?

5. Do I need to speak up about something?

6. What part of me am I hiding or afraid to express?

7. What am I avoiding out of fear?

8. Am I settling or compromising myself in any way?

9. What red flags or signs am I ignoring?

10. How am I being asked to grow or expand right now?

Is there any questions you can add to the list?  If so share them in the comments below.  I’d love to hear them!


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