Life Coaching is the Best Decision I Ever Made

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“If I didn’t find Wendy I don’t know where I would be in my life.”

Before Chris came to work with Wendy Lynne, the Life & Relationship Coach, he thought people who went to therapy were the kind of people who just talk about their problems, but don’t really change anything in their life. They were hopeless people that just stayed stuck.  

Despite his hesitations, Chris went ahead and contacted Wendy thinking life coaching may be different.  He was at a point in his life, he realized, that if he did not do something, he would continue his destructive patterns and his life would go into a downward spiral.

What inspired Chris to work with Wendy was that she was excited to share tools to help him move forward – not just talk about his issues.  He was looking for a way to experience and track his progress and growth and hoped the tools would help.

Chris came to see Wendy in the midst of a big transition period in his life.  He had just left his former company and was starting at a new company in a new challenging sales role.  He was experiencing a lot of anxiety and apprehension and found it affecting his confidence and personal life.  He knew that had to change.

Chris’s career has taken off and he has received 3 major promotions within the first few years of working with Wendy.  First he learned sales tools so he felt ready and relaxed no matter what his customers threw at him.  That helped him to start really enjoying his work and wanting to help empower other people.  This lead to him being quickly promoted into bigger and more lucrative management roles.

In terms of his relationship, Chris says because of the coaching, he and his wife get along so much better mostly by being more accepting and supportive of each other.  Most couples spend their time in therapy trying to change the other person in the hopes of making themselves happy.  This rarely works – you have to be willing to change yourself first.

In addition, Chris’s relationship with his mom and friends also got a lot better from learning to stop judging people.  The dynamics changed by accepting his mom and friends for who they are resulting in more enjoyment and closeness in the relationships.

Prior to working with Wendy, Chris had not done a lot of self-reflection or felt he knew much about himself, but he was ready to dig deep and figure himself out. 

He surprisingly found one of the most transformational things he learned was self acceptance and now believes it is his ultimate goal for the rest of his life.

Chris also found a new depth in his life by learning how to feel the full range of his emotions – both positive and negative.  He had been unconsciously shut down for so long, he had felt numb.  

He noticed slow, but consistent progress, once he simply allowed whatever emotion he felt – not distracting himself.  This lead to him feeling stronger internally and in his ability to be there for the people in his life.

Chris continues to do monthly check-in sessions to avoid loosing traction and motivation and to keep himself accountable for everything he has learned.  He uses the time in between sessions to practice what he learns, so it gets solidified and integrated into his life. 

Then he comes back and shares his wins, which continues to motivate him. 

“Working with Wendy was the best decision I ever made!”

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