How Do You Want To Define Your Life?

How Do You Want To Define Your Life? 

It Starts With Your Mindset…

This is Part III of the Having A Bad Day? series.  Click here to read Part I and Part II.

MindsetYou can have the mindset that you can overcome anything, not because you’re smart, not because you’re talented, but because you have the tenacity and the desire and the willingness to overcome anything, no matter what.

That’s what success is.

Many people believe that successful people get their success effortlessly. This is a huge misconception.

We somehow think that our success should be without challenge, that we should just make a million dollars

There’s a shame in believing that everything should be handed to us or that we’re somehow entitled to it. It puts a burden on the rest of society.

If we believe we’re entitled then we don’t get to grow into who we’re meant to be. We won’t challenge ourselves. We won’t show up as the best version of ourselves and then we won’t feel proud of ourselves. We won’t feel excited about our lives.

Winning mindsetIf I had the choice between winning a million dollars or earning a million dollars, I would go with earning it every time because of how I would feel about the accomplishment.

I want to become the kind of person that is worthy of earning a million dollars. If I earn a million dollars and I lose it I can earn it again. If I win it, it was just luck.

You Decide How You Want To Define Your Life

If you look at your life and you know that every day in your life you get to decide how you want to define it, no matter what happens.

You choose to define it as amazing, as growth worthy, as exactly what is supposed to be happening for me to become the strongest version of myself.

You’re going to live a very different life than if you’re constantly saying…

“I have a hard life.”overcoming setback

“I’m stressed.”

“I have a hard job.”

“I have a hard relationship.”

“I have hard children.”

“I had a hard day.”

Your Deathbed

define your lifeI am sure you have heard all these anecdotal stories about people on their deathbed, “I wish I would have just done it.”

You can ask yourself…”What’s the worst that can happen? So what if it was hard? I’m up for it, bring it on. There’s no such thing as a hard day, I got this.”

Don’t you want to live your life like that?

“Hard days are for weak people. I’m strong, I got this.

Having my boss/spouse yell at me that doesn’t constitute a hard day. He was grumpy or she was grumpy, whatever. That customer was upset that doesn’t mean I had a hard day; it means that customer was upset.”

You get to decide. Catch yourself talking about your hard days.

mindsetThe stronger you believe yourself to be the less hard days you will have.

When you are in a war zone where you don’t have water, where you don’t have food, where people are being killed that’s a hard day.

Everything else, you’ve got this. It’s just another way to think about it.

People say, “Oh gosh, can’t I just have a hard day?”

Believing that you had a hard day and wanting comfort for it, is being hard on yourself. It’s underestimating yourself. It’s coddling yourself in a way that’s completely unnecessary.

Self-pity doesn’t serve anyone. It certainly doesn’t drive you into having easier days. You want easier days just be stronger.

What If You Didn’t Allow Any Hard Days?

What if you think about your life in that way? Didn’t define anything in your life as an excuse or as something negative?  I’d love to help you create that mindset for yourself! 

Let’s get you started, click here!


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