Career Assessment Exercise

Career Assessment Exercise

Career AssessmentWe all have a drive to find fulfilling work that not only pays well, but is also meaningful and interesting.

How do you figure out what type of job or what career is best suited to your personality, your ideal life style and your dreams?

I have come up with 4 crucial areas you need to look at and consider about yourself BEFORE you start looking at specific jobs or professions.

So go ahead and spend some time with this career assessment exercise to get a more clear sense of what you value, what are your strengths and what do your truly enjoy doing.

If you take the time, I bet you will get some new insights you may not have thought about before that could lead you in a new exciting career direction

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. ~ Steve Jobs

4 Categories To Consider:

1. What impact do you want to have in the world?

Maybe there is a specific industry that interests you, like health and fitness or animals.  Is there a cause you really believe in…the environment, helping children?  Really brainstorm what is meaningful to you.

2. What are your Super powers?

What comes most easily and naturally to you that you may not even realize is a super power?

Can you speak easily to people or in front of a group?  Do you see what can be improved or fixed that others don’t see?  Can you focus when others easily get distracted? Can you write in a way that moves people to action or brings them to tears?  Can you visualize or draw something you see in your mind?

3. What causes you to lose yourself?

Look at your engagement – when do you get so engrossed and engaged you lose track of time?  What can you spend hours doing without getting bored?

4. What is your ideal environment?

What type of social environment do you enjoy?  Quiet solitude or busy and bustling? Working alone or part of a team?

What about the  physical environment?  Do you enjoy being outside or inside?  Moving your body or sitting?  In close quarters with other people or separate and quiet?  How does your environment play intro your ability to excel and thrive?

WendyLynnIt can be very helpful to get feedback on the results of this exercise. Other people may know of a job or resource that would be perfect for you. So after doing this exercise be sure to share what you come to with at least one other (kind and encouraging) person. Or post a comment with your four components below so my online community can help you!

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