The Game of Life

Do You Want To Change How You “Play” Your Life?

game of lifeI love playing games of all kinds! It can be anything from rock, paper, scissors to highly competitive board games to a sweaty tennis match.

When I play, I am constantly shifting my perspectives, seeing and rising to the challenges and through play bringing ease and fun to the goals and outcomes I desire.

I like playing games for the same reason I love coaching people on their life issues…

Regardless of what’s going on in our current life situation, games take us into a place where all possibilities exist. We contemplate outcomes, collect evidence to make thoughtful decisions, improve our skills and strategies and gain insights and wisdom to be used in the future.

Isn’t that what life should be about?

Here are some of the perspectives I give to clients to help them change their game of life:

woman-with-a-thought-bubbleThoughts and feelings always reveal your mentality.When you first play a game there may be a fear about how it will end right from the onset. Am I good enough to take on my challenger … and win?

Committing to getting your head in the game and being clear with your desires and goals will get you where you want to go and speed up the outcome.

Assumptions are meant to be challenged. Time and again I have learned that just because my competitor is currently ahead doesn’t mean they will win and I will lose. Assumptions are NOT reality or even what is possible.

Learning how to open up to a different end result can have you powerfully playing to it.

Fears Are Opportunities

overcoming anxiety and panicBig fears are golden opportunities. Rather than fearing a difficult shot or a challenging hand, a simple mindset shift has me wanting to attract them. This forces me to get creative or move faster!

Turning fears into new challenges is how we test our greatness and get rid of our old habits and beliefs.

Strategy and flexibility matter. There are times I think I’m applying a brilliant strategy, only to be foiled by the next card or dice roll.

Being flexible, resilient and a little innovative, can get you right back into any game.

Nothing pays off like persistence. To begin playing any game there is always a learning curve, no way around it. The more you persist, fall down and get back up and open your mind to learning, the game eventually becomes engaging and fun.

So Go The Distance.

No matter the endings they are always stimulating and worth it! Let me help you break loose and create your own rules for your life where your specific talents can be recognized and rewarded.

Don’t let them go unnoticed and untapped, because your afraid of change or don’t know how to step into your greatness.

Unleash your strengths and resources and let me guide you to living the life you want.

You will experience a powerful process and come away with skills, strategies and tactics to get anything you want! Contact me for a free 20 minute consult now to get clear what you want and how you are going to get it!


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