The Biggest Myth About Losing Weight

How To Breakthrough Weight LossWhen people start working with me for weight loss, they often think there’s going to be one of those breakthrough moments when they will be free forever from giving into cravings and overeating to stuff down their negative feelings. This is one of the big myths about losing weight.

We all want results to be like magic – that once I just “get it” I will be done with this and I can move on to the next challenge in my life.  My weight, my eating, my food choices will now be automatic and easy.

The “I Should Be Past This Already” Myth Around Losing Weight

If I had the power to grant everyone the wish to make weight loss simple and easy, I still wouldn’t do it!  You know why?  There is something so powerful about struggling and breaking through a hardship or difficulty that you cannot get from just being comfortable all the time.

Many people have the belief that once they “get” what helps them start to lose weight, they assume “it should be easy”.  This belief causes many people to give up and feel hopeless when they find themselves giving into overeating or binging.   They start to believe “this is never going to happen for me.”

I know from my own experiences with struggling to lose weight that it is so easy to ignore your new tools and fall back into old patterns and habits for coping.  It is normal and its called being human!

It Is The Small Steps That Count

The truth is that having a healthy relationship with food and eating comes from taking many small steps and arriving at “a-ha” moments.  This is when you begin to truly figure yourself out and losing weight is no longer is a battle of wills.

My clients eventually learn that they just need to return to the tools and strategies that have already worked for them.  For instance, coming back to listening to their bodies and stopping eating when they feel satisfied.  Remembering how to deal with their difficult emotions instead of using food to feel better.

How To Come Back To Sanity

     Weight Loss Frustration

Weight Loss Frustration

It is just a series of moments of remembering to come back to sanity again.

I recently worked with a client, who felt ashamed because she fell into fog eating after experiencing some pride about her progress with food and her body.

She was terribly upset and down on herself and felt that something must be fundamentally wrong with her that she “can’t do this” despite enormous efforts.

She just needed to be reminded that the purpose of this weight loss journey was to find and learn about herself especially when she gets off track.  It’s not about being perfect, “never making a mistake” or getting it right.

Stopping our binging or overeating is not something that you master once and then you never have to think about again.  It is a practice of learning new habits and behaviors and coming back to them again and again.

Eventually it does get easier to come back.  At some point the new way of thinking becomes part of you and you don’t have to actively think to remember.  It just happens and that is the real magic and you will have earned it!  There is no greater feeling than that.

Are You Still Struggling

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