How To Make My Relationship Work Better

Are You Are In A Challenging Relationship?

How to make my relationship work betterMost people believe their relationship is challenging, because of the way the other person is acting, but they are wrong!

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Where Are You In Your Relationship?

Are you wondering how to make your relationship work better?

Here’s the temptation…

how to make your relationship work betterYou want to describe what the other person is doing wrong.

“Let me tell you about ___ and what they are doing that makes me unhappy.”

It may feel good to complain about the other person to friends, family or a therapist, but it is never productive.

Why not?

Because unfortunately, you cannot control what the other person does or how they act, so focusing on them to heal your relationship is futile.

What is important is what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and what you’re doing in the relationship.

Grab Your Power

How to make your relationship work betterThat’s where all your power is.

That’s what you can change.

Most of my clients come to me having tried to change the other person and it never works.

Of course, you can probably find a relationship, where your partner complies just to please you, but I promise you they are probably seething underneath.

First Step To Making Your Relationship Work

The first step is to do your own work first…

Notice how much you want to change that other person.

Notice how much you want to blame them.

Notice how powerless that leaves you.

Take Responsibility

how to feel better in a relationshipI love the word responsibility, because it means you have the ability to respond however you want.

Take responsibility for how you think and how you feel.

If you feel frustrated, you need to own that you are the one choosing frustration.

The other person cannot frustrate you without you participating.

Are You Struggling?

Do you need help figuring out “how” not to let the other person frustrate you?

Are you struggling in a relationship with your spouse, family member or coworker?  Reach out to me by clicking here to set up a complimentary clarity session.



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