How To Handle A Difficult Boss

How To Handle A Terrible Boss

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Here’s a scenario of how to handle a difficult boss…

how to deal with a difficult bossLet’s say your boss comes into your office and says your doing a terrible job and unless you improve you will be fired.

You get to decide how will you respond in that moment. You don’t have to react or freak out.

You can do what most people would do….

Think what a jerk! He doesn’t appreciate me. I hate working here. I hate him. I’ve got to get out of here.”

All that negative thinking will just get you angrier.

Instead you can decide to think something differently and make it mean something different.

If you’re being the best version of yourself, when he leaves, you could wonder, why would he come in and act like that?

Is There Any Truth To What Was Said?

how to deal with a difficult bossAre you willing to ask yourself, what is true about what’s been said here?

Is there any truth?

Usually, you can find that there is some truth to other people’s criticism.

This can very powerful!

Can you take responsibility and look at yourself?

Can you be honest and evaluate if you are really doing the best you can?

I Believe In Me

Then you can decide:

“Nobody is going to determine my faith in me, but me.”

“Nobody is going to decide whether I will be successful or not, but me.”

Do I Have To Put Up With It?

how to handle a horrible bossIt doesn’t mean you stay in that job or a relationship that no longer aligns with your values.

But you don’t have to leave to change how you feel.

The other person has no power over you and how you feel.

They may be able to fire you.

They may be able to affect your career.

But that doesn’t mean they can determine how you feel and they certainly can’t determine how you behave.

That’s power.

When you blame them for how you feel, you’re giving them the ability to determine if you’re miserable or not.

Isn’t your horrible boss the last person we want to delegate our emotional life?

You take responsibility for how you feel about yourself.

Their behavior doesn’t mean anything about you, until you make it mean something.

We Decide How It Will Affect Us

You could make it mean something that could fuel, motivate and inspire you.

Is that possible? Absolutely.

You are responsible for how I think, feel, and behave.

Get Yourself In The Right Frame Of Mind

how to handle a difficult bossAfter you do the work managing your own mind, then and only then you should involve the other person.

Once you’ve gotten yourself into clean, positive mental state, your conversations will be much more constructive and effective.

“It only takes one sane person in a relationship to make it better.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Bottom line:

If only one person works on their mind and on taking responsibility for their side of the street, the relationship will improve.

Even if the other person doesn’t change.

Why Should I Change?

When you recognize that you’re responsible for how you feel and for taking care of yourself – you realize you have the ability to fulfill every need you have.

Then the relationship becomes much more enjoyable, because there’s much less of a demand on the other person to take care of you emotionally.

how to make your relationships work betterThat’s a much better place to be for both people in the relationship.

It opens up communication.

It opens up kindness and compassion.

Relationships can be a beautiful opportunity for us…

To become a better version of ourselves.

To take full responsibility for ourselves.

Ready To Take Full Responsibility?

If you are ready to get in a better place in your relationship either at home or work?  I’d love to help!

Click here to schedule a complimentary clarity session.

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