How To Change Your Beliefs In The Unconscious Mind

How To Change Your Beliefs In The Unconscious Mind

Now that you learned how to get rid of negative thoughts, it’s time to bring your unconscious mind on board.

You’re probably dealing with some repressed emotions and old beliefs formed in childhood that are hurting you in some way, like…

change beliefs in your unconscious mindWhy do I feel unworthy and unlovable?

Why do I push myself so hard to prove my worth?

Why do I feel responsible for everyone’s happiness at the extent of my own?

What am I ashamed of?

Why do I feel so alone?

Why do I personalize everything?

And most important of all, why do I find it so hard to love myself?

Those beliefs that get stuck in our unconscious mind not only make you constantly feel bad, but contribute to your stress.

How To Change

So how do you change those old beliefs?

  1. Figure out what stressful thoughts loop over and over in your mind..
  2. Realize you don’t have to believe and keep listening to those thoughts.
  3. Instead you can consciously choose what new useful belief you want to adopt and repetitively practice until it becomes your new belief.

Old belief: I am successful only if…

New belief: It is not what I do, it is who I am that makes me successful.

Old belief: I have to be with ___ to be happy.

New belief: Who I am with doesn’t make me happy, it is what I think about myself that makes me happy.

change your unconscious beliefsOld belief: What ever I do is never good enough.

New belief: I am enough.

Old belief: I can’t get what I want.

New belief: There is nothing I truly want that I can’t have.

Ready For New Beliefs?

Wendy Lynne, Life Coach If you are stuck figuring out what your beliefs are or find it difficult to adopt your new useful beliefs – that’s where I come in!

Let’s explore that. Contact me to set up a complimentary clarity session today.

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