Having A Bad Day?

Are You Having A Bad Day?

Depressed ManMost people believe being discouraged and depressed means something has gone terribly wrong – it’s not true!

Part of the process of evolving is to be able to look at ourselves and acknowledge what’s true about our situation and acknowledge what we’re believing and what we’re thinking.

If you are discouraged, it’s because you’re believing something negative about yourself .

What you need to figure out is what your negative thinking is so you can overcome it and only then you can let it go.

Believe it or not most people don’t know what they are thinking that makes them feel so bad!

Are You Willing To Feel?

The people that are the most successful in life, are the people that are the most willing to feel negative emotion; the ones that are willing to…

Walk in to discouragement.

Walk in to vulnerability.

Walk in to fear.

If you read the biographies of almost every famous person they ALL had to experience setbacks, failures and deep embarrassment before they had their tremendous success.

They just keep moving forward though, even though I am sure there was always a temptation to quit and give up.  No one enjoys feeling those difficult emotions.

Walking Used To Be Hard

Having Hard Day

Think about a little kid learning how to walk.

If that kid wasn’t willing to fall down, wasn’t willing to continually get back up, they would never be strong enough to walk.

What if the first time they fell down they just stayed down, they would never walk!

That is what so many of us do as adults. We try something, we fall down and that’s it, we’re not walking.

We don’t try for that new job…

We don’t go for the promotion…

We’re never going to lose the weight…

We’re not going to work on the relationship or leave the relationship or…

Whatever it is that we most want to do, because we’re too afraid of feeling negative emotion.


defining your lifeWhat you want, your desire is such important information.

It is your GPS system towards where you’re supposed to go, to become the best version of yourself.

If every time you get to a red light you decide to quit and turn around and go home, you’re never going to get to that destination.

The truth is life is not about just rainbows and daisies. There’s lots of distracting turn-offs.

There’s lots of peril that you’re going to face but that is the hero’s journey – It’s overcoming something so you become stronger, so you can become the person that you want to become.

It’s not just what you do, it’s who you get to become in that process.

There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Day

A day just happens. The bad day isn’t made by the day; the hard day is made by your thoughts about the day.

How to define your lifeWhen you say, “It was a hard day yesterday.” The truth is, you’re deciding to tell the story that it was a hard day, but the day in itself is neutral.

It’s your thought about the day that’s making you feel that way.

What makes something hard is how we think about it, the way we approach it, our attitude about it.

Too often, people will drink a bottle of wine or eat a gallon of ice cream or take drugs to numb themselves, because it was a “hard day”.

What they’re not realizing is that they’re creating the hard day in their mind.

How To Create What You Want

If you find yourself looping with endless negative thoughts I can help.

I have a proven process to help you change your mindset so you no longer have to eat, drink or distract yourself to deal with your “hard days.”

Give me a call and lets do a mini session so I can share with you a simple tool to change your mindset immediately.


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