The Fear Of Losing Control

The Fear Of Losing Control

So now you have your dominant question you are asking yourself everyday.

You are noticing your thoughts that are causing you stress and choosing new ones.

And you are working on forming new beliefs about yourself.

Now it is time to laser focus on what you CAN control – giving up the hope that things will be different.

Giving Up Hope

How to get rid of the fear of losing controlHoping that things will be different is what keeps you fighting against WHAT IS.

I remember the day I purposefully lost hope and “gave up” trying not to be anxious.

I was at home feeling really anxious for no reason and I was fed up fighting it.

So I decided to quit fighting.

I was surprised when, over time, the enemy ( my anxious feelings) walked away!

Feeling The Butterflies

letting go of fearHere’s specifically how I changed my behavior by losing hope: I stopped trying (and hoping) not to get butterflies in my stomach for no reason.

I began to be playful with my problem:

“Only five butterflies this time? That’s it? Give me a few more!”

Losing hope meant I stopped trying to fight the battles.

And that’s how I won the war and regained my mental freedom!

Get Rid Of Wishful Thinking

Don’t fall into the trap of wishing and hoping for some other outcome or circumstance you don’t have control over such as challenging bosses, clients, romantic partners or kids.

Take control of what you DO have power over – your thoughts and emotional responses and watch how your stress melts away.

The Truth

Afraid of losing controlThe truth is, every day in your life you will have to deal with situations and circumstances you cannot control.

Your power and inner strength comes from your how you decide to react to those circumstances.

Do not waste any more mental energy worrying about what should have happened or what might happen.

Create What You Want

Put all your effort into creating what you want to happen right now and follow through on making that a reality.

Bottom line: You cannot control everything that comes your way, but you are in absolute control of how you think and how you feel, which determines how you react.

And that changes everything.

Use your faith in your abilities to fuel positive action by doing what you can, right now, with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Do Goals

One of the first steps I do with all my clients is to create their “do” goals.

afraid of losing controlSmall steps they can take toward their overall big picture goal.

This helps alleviate feeling overwhelmed, because you accomplish small concrete steps that are “doable.”

This starts the momentum towards the feeling of success and that leads to more success every time you accomplish a “do” goal.

Click here now to set up a complimentary session, I can help you refine your big picture goal, which will lead to your do goals.


Just your free clarity session alone could alleviate a lot of the stress you are experiencing right now!


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