Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind

How Do You Change Your Life – By Changing Your Mind

The first step is to figure out what is holding you back in your life.

It’s called resistance.

What Is Resistance?

Change Your Life By Changing Your MindWe all deal with resistance all of our lives. It’s part of the human experience. None of us are immune.

Something comes up and you don’t want to do it…now what?

Or is there resistance to what is being asked of you by others?

Or there something that you are expected to do and you resist doing it?

Very common, right?

Our Ego Resists

What happens is when we are called to change or do something different, our egoic mind or you could call it the old brain resists the change.


Because our brains are still hardwired for survival and protection first.

How To Change Your LifeAny type of change for the older brain is primarily a message of unsafe or unknown and if it’s unknown or unsafe I could get killed.

Our brains are evolving, but there’s still this thing about safety, of keeping me safe.

So if you want to change into an unknown terrain, on whatever level that may be, there is resistance and that resistance is in the form of…

“No. Keep it the same. Keep what’s the safest.”

If you are wanting to change or do something different, your brain will still try and look to the past to set some parameters of what we believe is okay or safe.

When you project into the future doing things different, it automatically says…

“Uh-oh. Red light’s going off. Red light’s going off.”

That’s still a big part of how our brain works – it resists changing into something new.

What You Resist Persists

It may sound a little cliché and I am sure you have heard it before, but it’s very true in the mechanics of resistance, what you keep resisting persists.

As you bring more mental energy and awareness to something you don’t want or are resisting, then it tends to stay there.

Here’s the truth – resisting the resistance is futile.

It’s a game we all play, but what it tends to do is reinforce the resistance.

How To Change Your MindThe brain goes into a loop.

The neural pathway of something that feels scary, gets related back to something in your past that felt really scary.

Then you stay in the loop of resistance to whatever it is that you’re trying to shift or change or do differently.

To start the mental shift to change your life, the first step is to just notice that the resistance is there.

It’s OK and normal.

How To Change Your Life by changing your thinkingThe next step is to realize that you actually have a choice.

Notice the resistance, but don’t keep putting energy into that resistance and know you don’t have to follow the warning.

The challenge is we all have a negative bias in the brain – we have more developed neural pathways towards the negative things in our lives than positive.

It’s so much easier for us to default toward the negative thoughts, the “I can’ts” rather than “I can.”

The Impact Of Words

How To ChangeIf there was one bad comment that was said to us by someone important, our mother or father, a sibling, schoolmate or another important person in your life, our brain actually holds on to that much more than a positive comment.

That’s why there is this kind of default brain neural pathway to the negative.

The metaphor for the negative neural pathway is that it’s like the groves in a record.

The thought or comment is like a song that you’ve heard or is being played over and over again.

Changing your life by changing your mindWhen the same song goes around and around, that groove gets deeper and deeper and deeper.

The more energy that gets put into it, the groove gets deeper.

You’re taking all of your stories, those grooves, those meanings from your past as if it’s like a big duffel

You’re saying, “Well, it was just like that before. It’s going to continue to be like that now.”

Are You Stuck In An Old Groove?

Sometimes we don’t even realize our life is being limited because we are stuck in an old story, an old song.

If you suspect this may be your issue, please contact me to set up a complimentary clarity session to figure that out.

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Clarity Session With Life Coach, Wendy Lynne


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