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Ways to get anxiety reliefDo you find yourself waking up and already feeling anxious?  What’s that about…

Anxiety Is A Habit

Anxiety can actually become a habit.  It is something that you may have inadvertently practiced over and over, so you get really good at it.

Just like when you wake up in the morning and you go brush your teeth.

You probably don’t even really think about it – you just do it because it has become a habit.

So now when you wake up in the morning and you are already feeling anxious, it also has become a habit – your default way of being.

Trust me, it’s not something that you consciously decided.  It was probably more like, boom it was there.

It certainly doesn’t feel good, but it’s familiar.

Your Backpack

So if you’ve been practicing anxiety and it’s definitely going to show up for you.


You can treat anxiety like a backpack that sometime you just have to carry.

You can still breathe.

You can still function.

You can be aware of your thoughts and just notice…

There’s an anxious thought.

And realize…anybody who is thinking this way would be feeling anxiety.

How To Start Owning It

Anxiety won’t have power over you, when you can start owning it…

“This heavy backpack is just what I am choosing to carry for now.”

The anxiety is not who you are as a person.

It’s just something that you’re choosing to carry and it’s all right.

If you own it, you can take responsibility for it.

Then you realize it is something you created in your mind.

Our Thoughts Lead To Feelings

What we think causes us to feel an emotion. 

how to get anxiety reliefIf you think positive thoughts, you will feel good emotions.

If you think negative thoughts, you will feel negative emotions.

Sometimes our thinking just runs wild and it will causes emotions to come up.

Start by accepting there’s a whole range of emotions you’re going to experience.

When you aren’t surprised or scared by it, you can welcome any emotion, including anxiety.

“You’re showing up and it’s okay.”

Treat Anxiety As Your Super Power

ways to get anxiety relief nowYou could look at anxiety like one of your super powers…

It is showing up to get your attention.

“Hey, there’s a vibration going through my body to show or tell me something.”

Pay attention to it instead of trying to run away from it.

When you try and run it turns into a panic attack.

Notice The Red Flag 

Anxiety is a red flag that’s trying to get your attention.

It’s trying to say, “Hey, look something is going on…”

Do you need to check back into something that you did or said?

Did I act in a way that isn’t quite aligned with who I am?

Is this something I keep practicing?

Distracting From Your True Feelings

If you’re feeling scared, nervous or worried about something, we automatically think, “I’m just anxious.”

That deflects us away from looking at what you’re really scared or nervous about.

Then pretty soon you just start teaching yourself, you family, your friends that you’re just an anxious person.

Figure Out What Are You Worried About

“I’m really scared about this thing that’s coming up.”

You could blame it on…

I’m just an anxious person.

I just worry.

That’s just in my DNA.

I can’t help it.

How do I get anxiety reliefFeeling anxious allows you to disconnect a little bit from the fear and numb yourself from the fact that your just scared.

“I don’t want to stand up in front of a group of people and talk.”

Willing To Feel The Fear

You could say instead…

“I’ve got this big thing ahead of me and I’m scared.”

“I’m going to feel the fear in my body, acknowledge what’s coming up and I’m going to go do it anyway.”

Anxiety Becomes A Problem When…

When we start identifying with the anxiety, we believe…

“I’m an anxious person and this is the lot I’ve been dealt.”

“This is just how it is, there aren’t any other options.”

“This is how I have to live my life, feeling a pit in my stomach, breathing shallow, not fully present.”

Anxiety Is Not A Problem

The truth is anxiety is just one of our survival mechanisms that keeps us safe and out of harm’s way.

It’s an emotion that we all experience and we should expect to experience.

Just like…

You’re going to be sad.

You’re going to be happy.

You’re going to get angry.

And sometimes you’re going to get anxious and it’s okay.

So if you expect it – you can handle it.

Need Help Dealing With Anxiety?

Sometimes it just takes someone giving us a different perspective.  I’d love to help!  Just click here or on the image to set up a complimentary clarity session.


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