What Makes A Good Parent?
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Have You Wondered What Makes A Good Parent?

Most of us become parents with beliefs and assumptions of what makes a good parent and how our kids should behave

We believe we know what is right for our kids.

And we have expectations and dreams of how they should live their lives.

good parenting

Believe me, I was imagining my son’s full ride scholarship to an Ivy league college, when I signed him up for Lacrosse at age 9.

He ended up hating it!

Of course, we want what is “best” for our children, but in our efforts to bring this about, we often forget that the most important issue for tweens and teens is their strong desire to be their own person and lead their own lives.

So despite all the “evidence” that many of our parenting strategies aren’t working and frequently even backfire, most of us stick to the approach that often triggers the difficulties you may be experiencing with your children.

If you are here, I am hoping it is because you are open to shifting to a more effective way of relating to your children.

I help wonderful, caring parents, who are motivated to become even better parents.

I’m Not Perfect

I am, by far, not a perfect parent and I don’t believe perfect parents even exist.

What makes a good parent

What I do believe is that our kids can be our best teachers with the right attitude.

I personally had such a difficult childhood, I was very reluctant to have kids, even though I adored them, because I worried I would parent like my parents.

Once I overcame my fears and decided to have kids, I vowed I would do it differently and so I have literally spent the last 20 years studying how to be a great parent.

I took classes, read every book I could and closely watched people who I thought were good parents.

It has paid off – I have 2 amazing boys.

But even with all of that knowledge, my boys can still send me into moments of self doubt, anger and frustration.

But over the years, I have learned to embrace their “misbehaviors” as an opportunity to learn more about myself and to make sure I am showing up as the person and parent I want to be.

Cookie Cutter Approaches Don’t Work

what makes a great parent

You may have a great support network, to complain and commiserate with it, but the problem is their way of parenting may not be your way or work for your kids.

Frustrated and stressed parents, just like frustrated kids, need to have their feelings validated and issues addressed, before they can go into problem solving mode.

Why?  Because when you feel better, you do better.

Parenting from a place of peace and confidence can be life changing for both you and your kids.

There Are Strategies That DO Work

Wendy Lynne Life Coach with son

I have created different strategies and tools for parents to help you connect, listen and communicate more effectively with your kids.

I can help you to face and resolve any issues that my stem from the way you parented.  That work has been life changing for me as a parent and as an individual.

Once you get these tools, you can much more easily access your own inner wisdom, which will allow you to live in alignment with your best self.

You will be able to look at your challenges as a parent as a way to understand your issues and yourself better,  allowing you to become better person and parent by default.