Letter Writing Exercise For Past Relationships
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The purpose of this exercise is to give yourself permission to speak your authentic truth.

As humans, we have a tendency to want life and relationships to be black and white, right or wrong.

Real life and real love don’t work this way.

You comprised exactly 50% of every relationship you have ever been in.

The relationships you’ve attracted are not random and fully unpacking these experiences will give you more self-awareness, which leads to a deeper understanding of what has been driving your decisions.

In this exercise, you will write a letter to each person.

In the letter, I will ask you to honestly express anything you did not get a chance to say.

I want you to cover any feelings of hurt or betrayal, regret, sorrow etc.

But I also want you to think of what you loved about this person and why you were with them to begin with and thank them for what you shared.

Be specific about what you learned about yourself or what you appreciated about them too.

This letter writing exercise is for you to gain clarity.

The process of writing your truth down and having it witnessed by at least one loving person, can free you to move on to create better, healthier relationships.

Letting Go Letter 

Use the following prompts to begin your writing process. Write everything that comes to mind.

You will NOT be sending this letter so fully express yourself and do not rush the process.


I’m saying goodbye because…(or this is over because..or I’m letting you go because…)

I forgive you for…

And I forgive myself for…

I learned from you…(or you taught me…) Thank you for….

With love,